Tingzhi Hz

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 黄亭之 Tingzhi Hz

“將這⼀趟⼈生旅程, ⽤⾳符、⽂字和“愛”記錄下來,就不虛此行了“ ~ 黃亭之 Tingzhi Hz


從⼩就受⽗母的⽿濡⽬染,愛上唱歌。特別是亭之的母親,常以“男聲”與“⼥聲”轉換的⼀首 ⿈梅調名曲《戲鳳》,配合京劇手勢,逗得亭之⼿舞⾜蹈,可惜⽗母親在她邁入少年時過世,⺟親在亭之⼩時候說的那⼀句:“你⼀定會成為⼀位很好的歌手”,給予她在追尋夢想的路上,擁有了排除困難的勇氣。



Tingzhi Hz is a Mandopop singer- songwriter and a podcaster. In her music, one can often identify influences from artistes across various genres such as A- Mei, Wang Lee Hom and The Evanescence. However, the most inspirational and influential figure in her life is in fact her mother.

Raised by parents who were music lovers, Tingzhi’s interest towards music had been piqued from a young age. It was also her mother who encouraged her to be brave and expose herself with any performance opportunities available.


Over the years, Tingzhi incorporated personal stories into her songwriting. It felt like the most natural thing to do since music and performance have always been the medium she could best express herself to the world. The stories behind each songs are real and meaningful to her. In 2020, Tingzhi put out 4 additional singles and released a total of 9 since 2017. Songs about relationship, about siblings love, friendship and even her love towards a country-Singapore!


“Embrace our life, pen down the journey with melodies, words and love.” ~ Tingzhi Hz

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