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Tingzhi Hz

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黄亭之 Tingzhi Hz


亭之的創作旅程,有一開始就支持著她的粉絲,也有新的支持者加入她的旅程。從2017年11月出道至今, 已發行11首創作。將近一百萬的音樂播放量,為她的追夢之路,打下基礎。



Tingzhi Hz kickstarted her journey as a singer-songwriter with the release of “Miss You Crazy” in 2017. With close to 5 years of experience under her belt, she successfully evolved from being a “cover singer” to a full-fledged artiste with a reputation for her singing and songwriting prowess. This time, with the same passion and goal in mind, Tingzhi Hz takes another step towards her dream of sharing her work of art with the world.


Since 2017, Tingzhi Hz has released 11 original music tracks and amassed close to a million plays on various music platforms. With such a solid foundation, it is no wonder that Tingzhi Hz can not only maintain a cult following over the years, but has also continuously gathered the attention of new listeners even during the period of hiatus when Covid-19 struck.


A perfect amalgamation of eastern and western culture has always been the defining style of Tingzhi HZ’s music. Through her latest releases in this brand new album, she hopes to uplift her listeners and inspire them to “recover” from the Covid-19 slump and restart their respective journeys towards their dreams. 

#tingzhihz #黃亭之

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